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John Stalvey - FL.
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John (Chad) Stalvey, is the face of CCF. He started his journey with offline marketing back in Sep 2018 and quickly realized that he can automate and accurately manage his progress with a customized computer program. Turns out John knows a thing or two about programming. In Jan-Feb, he launched CCF. My hat is off to you John, You did a fantastic job. People will join this program easily just for the time and postage savings alone! MRuiz - FL.

Some Testimonials

"This I've been a part of this absolutely AMAZING opportunity Club Cash Fund for a few weeks now and I must say it's the EASIEST MONEY MAKER I've been a part of in my 12 years working online!" - - Antonio V.

"This program is by far one of the best I've seen in years! It's given many the chance to experience online marketing success. The playing field has been leveled. It is the real deal of "Done For You" business in a box programs!" - Joseph O.

"Be prepared to be SHOCKED AT JUST HOW EASY THIS SYSTEM MAKES IT for us to get money in our mailbox!" - Christina O., AZ.

"I have 41 Kits out there now with my name in the # 1 Spot ... This is where Leverage comes in folks when you get your name in several positions all that are going to send you money!-  Clinton T.

"This is a newbie friendly money maker. I started getting mailbox money shortly after signing up. Get started today and get your mailbox money soon!" - Debijo G. 

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